Overseas suppliers tap into Queensland's ice market

OVERSEAS drug manufacturers are cracking apart Queensland's ice market.

The Crime and Corruption Commission's latest intelligence assessment of the drug market shows "high purity" crystal meth is the fastest growing illicit chemical in the state.

Australian drug manufacturers are facing extremely tough competition from South-East Asian suppliers who are cashing in on "strong and consistent demand" for the drug that causes significant harm to users and communities.

CCC executive director crime Kathleen Florian said of all illegal substances, meth posed the "highest level of risk" for Queenslanders.

"We've seen an increase in seizures, arrests, deaths, overdoses and other drug-related episodes related to methylamphetamine," Ms Florian said.

"Users are reporting that it is easy, or very easy, to obtain and we're also seeing an increase in the purity of methylamphetamine and ice," she said.

"We think this is because there's a trend away from Queensland production of the drug towards the importation of higher purity methylamphetamine from staging points through South-East Asia." - SHERELE MOODY