Cyclists are legally allowed to ride two abreast, more when overtaking.
Cyclists are legally allowed to ride two abreast, more when overtaking. Allan Reinikka ROK100612acycling

SOAPBOX: Cycling is legal, death threats are not

CYCLISTS riding two abreast, claiming the left lane on a multi-lane road and using right-hand lanes when turning right are all legal.

You know what isn't? Making death threats.

But something terrible sparked in too many people after a video surfaced, shot by a camera mounted to a bike, of a driver running a cyclist over from behind.

The Facebook comments section descended into anarchy. You'd think every Mad Max character had just discovered social media, as commenters congratulated the driver and even suggested the driver should "finish him off".

This is my theory: those who actually hate cyclists have amassed a following of casual aggressors, who might not actually run down a cyclist but will make jokes about it.

That feedback makes the genuine haters feel validated, and more likely to seriously consider acts of violence against cyclists.

So how about a little civility.

It doesn't mean you have to respect lycra and cleats as a fashion choice, or enjoy being stuck behind a parade of rear ends.

Want to complain about cyclists not paying road registration? The fee that's determined by the number of cylinders in your car?

Cyclists' obsessively lightweight bikes don't wear the road and the only pistons are two pumping legs, so they pay zero.

They don't need to pay compulsory third party cover because there's no way they're going to injure you inside your comparative juggernaut of multi-tonne steel.

Kind of makes sense, doesn't it?